New/Updated Rules for 2023

MNSCA Contestant Eligibility

All contestants age 12 and older must help at/work a state sponsored show in order to be eligible for MNSCA year end awards. This can be helping in the arena, lane judging (16 and older), office help, etc. Parents are encouraged to help, but each contestant that is 12 and older will be responsible for helping at a state sponsored show. These shows include the May Fundraiser show, July Wright County Fair show, and August MNSCA state show.

Due to safety reasons, 11 and under contestants are NOT allowed in the arena while events are being run.

In order to be eligible for MNSCA year end awards, all contestants are required to attend one show that is NOT hosted by their saddle club. Failure to attend a show that is hosted by a club other than the contestant’s club will result in loss of any year end award placings.

Committee members must have one member of their committee present at each MNSCA Zoom meeting in case questions for committee members are brought up at an MNSCA meeting.