O-Mok-See Sportsmanship

The man on horseback, down through the ages, has been set apart from the man on foot. A man in a car or in an airplane is merely a man devoid of the romantic feeling inspired by a horse. Perhaps the man when mounted takes on the pride, courage, dependability, honesty and the competitive spirit of his good horse.

The West was won by the man on horseback, and the National Saddle Clubs Association carries on this tradition. We saddle club people – men, women and children – ride for fun and not for business. Besides being with a horse, it is a pleasure to be with people with the same interests, resulting in the most treasured of friendships. To compete good-naturedly with one’s friends is the best of sports. If one wins, it is of course fine. If he loses, it is still fine – if he tried hard and did his honest best. To have one’s competitors be happy that he won is indeed heartwarming.

We now lead the way in true sportsmanship. Let us continue to celebrate this tradition among all members of the National Saddle Clubs Association who desire to win fairly as superior horsemen and not buy trickery and violation of the rules.