O-Mok-See events are designed to provide the horse and rider with a fun challenge. Events, or “games” as they are sometimes called range from the traditional barrel race that you see at rodeos to pole bending, and the quick flag race. Some of the lesser known games include western jumping, a favorite of the younger competitors, and barrel & stake, a race that tests the stamina of both horse and rider.

O-Mok-See even has its own extreme category in the form of a number of team events, the first being Devil’s cowhide; a team of two, one rides the horse, the other a “cow hide” (a real hide was used in the past, now a canvas tarp is used) which is pulled by the horse via a rope dallied to the saddle horn, down the lane, around a barrel and back. The hide rider hangs on for the ride of his life!

These are just a few events. With so many different games, every rider, from the beginner to the daredevil, will find an event that he or she is bound to love!

All O-Mok-See shows run 2 to 4 lanes at a time with individual electronic timers. This sport is exciting to compete in for all ages, but just as much fun to watch!

Age Groups:

      Leadline (available at some shows)
      11 & Under
    Sr. Women (35 and over)