2022 Year End Award Winners

Congrats to our 2022 MNSCA Overall High Point Winners:


1st- Lawson France – 145 points

2nd- Atlas Shoultz – 57

3rd- Haylee Hess – 51

4th- Weston Weinberg – 50

5th- William Lundell – 37

6th- Paisley Tresco – 32

THANK YOU to Truline Contracting and Rustin Oxendale for sponsoring the Leadline Buckles!

11 and Under

1st- Caylin Sachs – 292 points

2nd- Lillyanna Sachs – 213.5

3rd- Brylee Bemboom – 178.5

4th- Brooklyn Vranish – 138

5th- Marvin Lundell – 112

6th- Madeline Weinberg – 109.5


1st- Madalyn Lueck – 285.5 points

2nd- Adisen Berglund – 203.75

3rd- Jenna Hegg – 159.25

4th- Grace Barth – 154.5

5th- Ella Otteson – 142.3


1st- James Finck – 340 points

2nd- Jake Brost – 327.75

3rd- Colton Grill – 279.5

4th- Loren Vander Beek – 223

5th- Kim Smith – 138

6th- Opie Ford – 70.25


1st- Myla Baum – 277 points

2nd- Austin Stapek – 234.75

3rd- Amanda Gray – 208.25

4th- Jessica Gray – 194.5

5th- Chelsey Lemmerman – 150.25

6th- Shelby Lemmerman – 148.75

Senior Women

1st- Susan Grill – 317.5 Points

2nd- Sam Wacloff – 300.25

3rd- Kayleigh Vranish – 282.5

4th- Lorie Gray – 231.25

5th- Donna Lundell – 224.5

6th- Cassie Baum – 172.5

2022 Awards Banquet

The year end 2022 awards banquet and election of officers will be Sunday, January 29th at Noon at the Rockford Township Hall. Please bring a dish to share for potluck. We will also be doing a gift exchange/drawing- if you wish to participate, please bring a small (approx $5 value) item.

We will be voting on NEW rules for the 2023 season and electing officers for 2023. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND if you want your vote to count for new rules!

New Rule for 2022

At the MNSCA Banquet/Meeting held January 30th, a new rule was voted in for MNSCA:
ALL MNSCA members who wish to be eligible for MNSCA YEAR END AWARDS must attend at least ONE (1) show that is not sponsored by their Saddle Club. Also, all members who wish to be eligible for MNSCA Year End Awards must help at ONE (1) MNSCA State Show.

2023 MNSCA Officers

President: Loren Vander Beek

Vice President: Lorie Gray

Secretary: Amanda Gray

Treasurer: Morgan Vander Beek

Points Secretary: Sue Hancock

Historian: Donna Lundell

Website: Morgan Vander Beek

O-MOK-SEE Prayer


Dear Lord,

We pause, mindful of the many blessings you have lain along our path. We don’t ask for special favors, nor do we ask that the blessings granted our opponents be diminished. Instead, we thank you for allowing us to experience friendship in one of its truest forms. To be able to gather with friends and loved ones to pay tribute to the great sport of O-MOK-SEE.

We ask that you guide us up the greatest lane of all, and that you, as our final judge, will allow us to ride once more, where the sun never sets and where happiness rides beside us and never behind.

For this dear Lord, we thank you.

By Darren Conklin