2016 Year End Placings


11 & Under

  1. Shania Kuchinski
  2. Wyatt Baum
  3. Maizee Kathrein
  4. Lauren Penkhus
  5. Melia Fischer
  6. McKaylie Holm
12 to 15
1.  Lindze Lindell
2.  Myla Baum
3.  Brianna Domjahn
4.  Rachel Schneider
5.  Molly Adkins
6.  Amanda Gray
1.  Scott Gray
2.  Colton Grill
3.  Jim Streich
4.  Ryan Orth
5.  Aaron Orth
6.  Kim Smith
1.  Mandi Eisenbraun
2.  Bailey Tyson
3.  Karen Schneider
4.  Jordan Zabel
5.  Cassie Baum
6.  Kayleigh Vranish (Gray)
Senior Women
1.  Lorie Gray
2.  Susan Grill
3.  Lynn Streich
4.  LeRee Reese
5.  Janice Haus
6.  Amy Westin

2016 Officers

President – Cassie Baum (Frieze Lake)

friezelakeranch@yahoo.com / 320-360-4914

Vice-President – Lorie Gray (Bit & Spurs)


Secretary – Karen Schnieder (Frieze Lake)


Treasurer – Kim Hess (Frieze Lake)


Point Secretary – Missy Schmidt ( Frieze Lake)

melissaschmidt618@yahoo.com / 320-360-0348

Historian – Pat Schroeder (Bit & Spurs)

Historian – Clarence Splettozer (T-N-T Riders)



O-MOK-SEE Prayer


Dear Lord,

We pause, mindful of the many blessings you have lain along our path. We don’t ask for special favors, nor do we ask that the blessings granted our opponents be diminished. Instead, we thank you for allowing us to experience friendship in one of its truest forms. To be able to gather with friends and loved ones to pay tribute to the great sport of O-MOK-SEE.

We ask that you guide us up the greatest lane of all, and that you, as our final judge, will allow us to ride once more, where the sun never sets and where happiness rides beside us and never behind.

For this dear Lord, we thank you.

By Darren Conklin